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Because God Intends Marriages to Thrive

Thriving Means…

Christians crave spiritual, physical, and emotional intimacy with their spouses—but truth be told, too few ever experience it. My husband Doug and I, the team behind HeartCall, know this all too well. But God helped us overcome our circumstances, and He’s called us to help you overcome yours. We’ll help you beat the “whirlwind”—you know, that fear, uncertainty, and frustration you feel in your relationship.

See, we believe God intends all marriages—yes, even yours—to thrive. We’ll help you become hopeful and confident as you develop a meaningful connection with your spouse.

That’s our heart, that’s our call, and that’s our ministry.

Leslie Davis

How We Help Your Marriage

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10 Ways to Connect with Your Spouse

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Re-Establish Trust with Your Spouse • Connect on a Deep Level • Promote Teamwork Instead of Turmoil

I promise—we haven’t been reading your diary.

But does this sound like your marriage?

  • Do conversations always end up in a blowup?
  • Do you always end up going to bed mad?
  • Do you feel a lack of trust in your relationship?
  • What if your words and actions could create a sense of connection in your relationships?


  • What if your hard conversations could promote teamwork instead of turmoil?
  • Would you like to be able to see yourselves as one, instead of feeling like you’re the only one?

“Thank you for letting me learn with you. Being vulnerable with you has given me the courage to be vulnerable with (my husband). You have held my heart well. Even when I bear all my insecurities, sins, faults, and fears……you love me anyway. Thank you.”


“Up until now, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but in reading this email you hit the nail right on the head. I feel our marriage is not a priority in my spouse’s eyes. . . I’m not willing to give up on this marriage. We’ve been married for 28 years, and I believe God wants us to work through this season.”

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