Love & Respect: Guide

The key to enacting the marriage code that stops the negative cycle of communication in your marriage is basic, simple, and available to you!

A crucial step in breaking this negative cycle is to know what your spouse craves and act on it. But it’s not always easy. We’ve been there. Here’s what we learned: Enacting the code doesn’t depend on your spouse’s behavior.

We’ve created a free resource to help you, as a couple, understand the code that breaks the negative cycle of communication and rise above it toward a meaningful and thriving marriage.

This guide will help you and your spouse determine practical steps to enacting the code, making your spouse feel loved and respected. It contains a questionnaire that helps you examine behaviors that may be sending the wrong signal. It also contains a goal setting sheet that will help you enact new behaviors.

Pray With Your Spouse: Guide

 Does prayer time with your spouse seem daunting? Does it raise your anxiety?

I know it does for us, and we’re ministry leaders. If God is calling you to pray together, you’ll want to know what might stand in your way.

Get the couple’s guide to praying together and find out the things to consider before you start.

You’ll be glad you did.

10 Ways to Connect with Your Spouse

If you’re a Christian spouse craving spiritual, physical, and emotional intimacy, our FREE PDF is a must-have.

Re-Establish Trust with Your Spouse • Connect on a Deep Level • Promote Teamwork Instead of Turmoil