Complementarianism Basics

Complementarianism Basics

Complementarianism Defined Complementarianism is a view of the relationship between men and women that emphasizes their equal value but different roles. It acknowledges both biblical manhood and biblical womanhood, affirming that God has designed us to be equal yet...

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Praying With your Spouse: A Brief Guide

Don't just pray together. Really PRAY together!

Are you looking to deepen the connection and intimacy in your marriage? When it comes to strengthening our relationships, nothing can beat true and meaningful conversations. But many things get in the way. Overcome these things and open up about what’s on your heart, dive deeper with your partner, and discover how prayer can deepen your walk with God and your love & trust in marriage.

Experience joy and peace through connecting with God and each other by clicking here or below to learn how to overcome the common barriers to praying with your spouse.

10 Ways to Connect with Your Spouse

If you're a Christian craving spiritual, physical, and emotional intimacy with your spouse, our FREE PDF is a must-have.

Inside, you'll learn how to:


Re-Establish Trust with Your Spouse

Connect on a Deep Level

Promote Teamwork Instead of Turmoil