Episode 55

3 Ways To Set Good Goals For Your Marriage In 2024

Ever wondered why New Year’s resolutions for your marriage fizz out by February? In this episode of The Vision-Driven Marriage, Leslie unfolds the truth about transforming your partnership by setting goals with divine timing, not just calendar dates. In our in-depth discussion, we break down the ‘why’ behind failed resolutions and pivot to the power of intentional goal-setting at any season of the year. By focusing on actionable steps and aligning our marital ambitions with God’s perfect plan, we reveal how to craft a roadmap to a thriving relationship.

We delve into the art of setting goals that not only speak to the heart of your relationship but are also deeply rooted in scripture. From handling anger and fostering forgiveness to enhancing communication and intimacy, we provide real-life examples and actionable steps. It’s about applying God’s Word in daily life, steering your marriage with purpose and passion, and turning these lessons into a more fulfilling partnership.

This episode isn’t just about the two of you; it’s a calling to build a family legacy on the solid rock of Biblical principles. We explore how prayer and scripture can be the cornerstone of setting goals for marital growth, including spiritual unity and upholding shared values. Strengthening your marriage and family begins with a shared vision, and we’re here to guide you through setting strategic, faith-based goals that will carry your relationship through 2024 and beyond. So, let’s embark on this journey together, and witness the transformation that comes when two people align their hearts with God’s.

The things we mention:

Jon Acuff’s “All it Takes is a Goal” podcast  Episode 153: How to Win Your New Year’s Resolutions Before the Year Even Begins!

The 4 Disciplines of Execution, Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling


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