Episode 45

Five Common Marriage Mistakes and Their Solutions: An Interview with Kelly DuPee

Have you ever wondered why, sometimes, a marriage that started on cloud nine suddenly finds itself in a rut? Want to learn how misplaced priorities can be a silent relationship killer? Well, today on The Vision-Driven Marriage podcast, we unwrap this complex web with the help of relationship maestro Kelly DuPee. With his vast experience in marriage coaching, Kelly shines a light on the five common mistakes that can potentially create fissures in your marriage, including misguided priorities and the lack of an active effort to maintain a strong connection with your spouse.

Struggling with communication? We’ve all been there. But the good news is Kelly is here to share his expertise on how to ace the art of listening for understanding, not just reply. In a world where emotions often rule the roost, learn techniques to keep your anger in control and prevent it from jeopardizing your relationship. Kelly shares strategies to help you take a step back when needed, process your emotions, and engage in healthy communication.

The cherry on top is our engaging conversation about finding the courage to ask for help in a marriage. Kelly’s insights, drawn from his successful career as an author and marriage coach, also offer tangible appreciation tips for a successful relationship.

We Mention

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Luke 9:25
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Turn it Up! How to Have the Lifelong Marriage That You Really Want


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