Episode 48

Gratitude In Action On The Vision-Driven Marriage Podcast

Ever thought about the transformative power of gratitude? We’ve created an enlightening episode on The Vision-Driven Marriage Podcast to show you just how impactful it can be, particularly within the sacred bond of marriage. Discover practical ways you can incorporate gratitude into your everyday routine, like writing appreciative notes or sharing the load of regular tasks. In this episode, we uncover the benefits of developing an attitude of gratitude towards your partner, which can lead to a deeper, more open connection.

Our episode also delves into how gratitude can shape your overall perspective on life, and we do this by introducing a 30-day gratitude journal filled with engaging prompts and spiritual nourishment. Join us as we share our insights on how a simple “thank you” can restore hope, appreciation, and joy in a relationship. We remind you of the importance of expressing gratitude and help you re-discover the deep-seated joy that comes from sincerely appreciating your spouse. So, tune in, and let’s remember that love is a blessing, and thankfulness allows us to truly feel it.

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The Gratitude Journal

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