Episode 28

Creating Happier, Healthier Marriages through Grace, Self-Awareness, and Emotional Balance with Melanie Yates

Do you ever find yourself caught in a cycle of negative self-talk, impacting your marriage and emotional well-being? Today, we’re joined by Melanie Yates, an author, and coach who specializes in helping individuals overcome this damaging mindset and create healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Melanie shares her insights on managing our emotions, fostering vulnerability and intimacy within our marriages, and taking responsibility for our own actions and emotions.

Together, we delve into the importance of self-awareness and how our emotional energy can mix with our spouse’s, creating an average of both partners’ emotional levels. Melanie emphasizes the power of prayer and understanding our worth in Christ rather than seeking validation from outside sources or our spouses. We also discuss how to extend grace in our marriage relationships and overcome self-centered fear, which can hinder growth and connection.

Lastly, we explore the significance of honoring marriage as God intended, touching on ways to avoid complaining and instead focusing on extending grace to our spouse in times of difficulty. With Melanie’s valuable insights and practical advice, learn how to strengthen your marriage by overcoming negative self-talk and managing your emotional reactions, allowing you and your spouse to grow together in love and understanding.

You can find Melanie’s resources here:
Happy, Joyous and Free

Melanie Priscilla Yates


Her book is available here:

Happy, Joyous, and Free: Love your life, No matter What



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