Episode 52

How God Used a Car Accident to Solidify Our Marriage

Feeling like your marriage could use a divine intervention? You’re not alone. My wife, Leslie, and I, Doug, will take you on a journey of faith, revealing how God working in our lives not only transformed us as individuals but also solidified our marriage. Leslie bravely shares her struggles with self-worth, a battle intensified by her family background, while I chime in on how my faith played a pivotal role in helping her see her true worth. It’s a real, raw testament to God’s love and the fortitude of a marriage rooted in faith.

We’re not just sharing our story, but also giving you a fresh perspective on the power of transformation through God in a marriage. Reflecting on our experiences, we emphasize the significance of understanding personal values and their influence on our actions. We delve into the critical aspect of self-worth, and how it should be anchored in God’s unconditional love rather than external factors. We invite you to surrender to God’s will and watch as His transformation blesses your spouse and marriage. As we share this special Christmas testimony, remember the blessings of a God-centered marriage and let our journey inspire yours.

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