Episode 38

How To Heal and Recover After An Affair

What if there was a pathway to healing and recovery after an affair? It is a devastating experience, yet not a death sentence to your marriage.  In this episode of the Vision-Driven Marriage Podcast, we, Doug and Leslie Davis, take on the difficult topic of healing and recovering from an affair. We share our insights on how to address the pain and hurt that follows, focusing on healing and supporting your spouse through the same process.

We’ve identified five crucial steps for recovering from an affair – being forthcoming, rebuilding trust, making a clean break from sin, finding help, and renewing your devotion. Transparency and commitment to change play a significant role in rebuilding trust. This isn’t a quick fix, it requires patience and perseverance.

Referencing the insightful book From Lover to Beloved by Brenna Naufel, we reflect on her journey to a healthy marriage post-affair. Healing is neither fast nor easy, but with God’s faithfulness, it is possible. In our discussion, we encourage those battling infidelity in their marriage or recovering from an affair, shedding BIblical encouragement and insights on how to navigate this challenging phase. Every marriage deserves a fighting chance, and we’re here to support you through your journey of healing and recovery.

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We Mentioned:
 Brenna and Garrett Naufel’s interview on The Vision-Driven Marriage

Brenna Naufel’s book:

From Lover to Beloved: Experience God’s Hope, Healing, and Forgiveness after Committing Adultery

Bible Verses:
Hosea Chapters 1-3

Luke Chapter 15: The Prodigal Son

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