Episode 12

How To Strengthen Your Marriage by Expanding Your Intimacies Part 1

Doug and Leslie interpret the well-known types of intimacies and help you recognize how you can strengthen your marriage by expanding your understanding of intimacies.


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Types of Intimacies mention in this episode:

Sexual intimacy includes flirting, sensuality, cuddling, play, touching, and arousing each other.

Emotional intimacy is the sharing of significant feelings. It’s foundational to the other types of intimacy.

Intellectual intimacy comes from sharing ideas and mind-stretching experiences together. For minds to connect, there has to be mutual respect for each other’s intellectual capacities. A wide gap in capacities can make it harder to achieve.

Aesthetic intimacy is the sharing of experiences of beauty through the enjoyment of art, music, nature, gardens, or even food and drinks together.

Creative intimacy is obtained through designing and making things together.

Recreational intimacy is engaging in play to enjoy time outside work, relieve stress, explore, relax, and exercise.

Credit: list of 12 intimacies Adapted by Alan Rutherford from The Intimate Marriage by Howard and Charlotte Clinebell (1970). https://www.alanrutherfordlpc.com/resources/twelve-types-of-intimacy

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