Episode 36

Recovering from Infidelity: A Redemptive Work of the Lord with Brenna and Garrett Naufel

What if there was a secret to restoring trust and commitment, even after the deep wound of marital infidelity? Join us, Doug and Leslie Davis, in a deeply moving conversation with Brenna and Garrett Naufel, who bravely journey through the intense battle of pornography addiction, infidelity, and the restoration of their marriage. They share their experience of identifying the lies entangled in their relationship and the process of rebuilding trust and communication, all under God’s redemptive power.

Garret takes us through his 8-year struggle with pornography, recounting the moment that clarity struck him in an unexpected place and triggered his confession to Brenna. Brenna’s confession came with more reluctance but brought about the beautiful grace and forgiveness that comes from following the Lord. The couple shares their struggles, vulnerability, and the importance of honesty as they navigate through their difficulties. We discuss the significant importance of counseling in this journey and the role it played in helping them take baby steps toward rebuilding trust and commitment.

Brenna and Garrett’s inspiring story is a beacon of hope, and their openness about their personal struggles serves as a powerful testament to the power of God’s redemption. In their journey, they discover a renewed sense of commitment and ultimately experience redemption in their relationship. This conversation is not just about a marriage restored; it’s about a love renewed, a faith reaffirmed, and a resilience that speaks volumes about God’s redemptive power. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with love, faith, and resilience.

In this episode, we mention:

The Relationship Quiz.

1 Cor 10:13

1 Peter 5:8


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From Lover To Beloved, Brenna Naufel


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