Episode 67

Secrets of a Successful Marriage with Colette and Bryce Schaffer

Discover the sacred blend of divine guidance and practical wisdom as marriage coaches Colette and Bryce Schaffer join us to unravel the secrets of a successful marriage. They shed light on the sobering reality of marriages breaking at an alarming rate and how to counteract this trend with a robust Biblical foundation. The Schaffers bring nearly thirty years of relationship expertise to the table, offering couples the tools to reinforce their bonds and navigate the modern challenges of matrimony with faith and purpose.

Our heartfelt exchange with the Schaffers takes us deeper into the heart of a Christ-centered union, where personal spiritual growth and divine affirmation lay the groundwork for a fulfilling partnership.

Wrapping up the episode, we broach the significance of ongoing self and relational reflection—an essential compass for steering marriages toward continuous growth and harmony. Vision casting emerges as a beacon for couples, illuminating the path to setting and achieving shared goals, and the role of mentorship becomes clear as a cornerstone for constructing resilient matrimonial bonds. The Schaffers introduce their Marriage Builders initiative, extending a helping hand to all who seek to strengthen their marital journey within the embrace of faith.

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