Episode 54

Strengthening the Family by Realizing the Fruit of the Spirit. An Interview with Robert Bass

Imagine finding your life’s calling in the place you least expected. Robert Bass, our esteemed guest, shares his remarkable journey from a personal trainer to a pastor and author, encapsulating a life transformed by faith and intentionality. His latest work, “Hidden Fruit,” serves as a guiding light for those yearning to cultivate the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their own lives and how to show the fruit of the spirit in marriage.. As we unravel the layers of Robert’s book, we delve into the essence of intentional love within marriage and how it solidifies familial bonds. His unique approach—personal letters from a father to his child—unveils the profound impact of a husband’s deliberate acts of love and how they can reinforce the fabric of the family.

Our enlightening exchange with Robert doesn’t stop there; we venture into discussions of masculinity, patience, and the joys of fatherhood. His insights offer a refreshing perspective on the virtues that can lead to personal refinement and are only found in following God. For those seeking to reinforce their marital ties, we share resources, including a sneak peek into the transformative “Hidden Fruit,” available in the show notes. Tune in for a treasure trove of wisdom that promises to enrich your life with love, joy, peace, and patience.

Scripture mentioned:

Galatians 5:22-23

Philippians 4

Find Robert at
Hidden Fruit Book 

Note from Robert:  “I would like to give you a free sample of my ebook. The website is www.hiddenfruitbook.com, and use coupon code SAMPLE during checkout.”

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