Episode 25

Supporting Each Other Through Shared Trauma

Navigating the complexities of shared trauma can be overwhelming, but what if you could empower your spouse by supporting each other through shared trauma and create a stronger bond in tough times? Join us as we explore the importance of understanding and supporting each other during these challenging moments. We discuss the dangers of simply going with the flow and highlight the significance of being a trauma-informed spouse, resisting the temptation to let anger win, and consistently communicating about what each of you needs.

We mention our episode with Ron and Hailey Wood, who bravely share their experience of seeking help and remind us that it’s acceptable, even courageous, to ask for assistance. Dive into the essential role of prayer in spiritual intimacy, the impact of shared trauma on relationships, and the signs it may be time to seek help from outside sources.

Together, we’ll journey through the process of acknowledging changed circumstances, sharing experiences, and emerging stronger as a couple. Don’t miss this insightful and healing conversation!

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