Episode 27

An Interview With Angie Baughman

Have you ever noticed certain situations or interactions that seem to trigger an intense emotional response? This powerful episode features a candid conversation with our guest, Angie Baughman, who bravely shares her journey of addressing childhood trauma and abuse in order to heal and grow. Angie’s insights on recognizing and talking to our triggers provide invaluable wisdom for nurturing our relationships and fostering emotional intimacy with our partners.

Together, we explore Angie’s process of identifying her triggers, including developing mindfulness of her body’s response when anxiety rises and realizing when she is on autopilot in her reactions. We discuss the various ways triggers can manifest, such as perfectionism or a need for control, and outline steps for overcoming anxiety and cultivating healthier responses to our triggers. Angie also shares her experience of relying on her faith and God’s promises to help her navigate difficult emotions and situations.

Throughout this inspiring episode, we delve into resources like Angie’s 5-step process to talk to your triggers. Angie has graciously provided her handout “Talk to Your Triggers Scripture Resource.” Angie’s willingness to share her story and journey encourages us all to face our underlying issues and work towards healing in our marriages. Listen in and be motivated to recognize your triggers, honor them, and foster a stronger connection with your spouse.

You can find Angie at Live Steady On. Many resources, including links to Angie’s podcast, free resources, and her masterclass for the Steady On Step-by-step Bible study method, can be found here.

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