Episode 42

The Influence of Being More Lovable and Why It’s Important

Do you ever wonder how to ensure your spouse gravitates toward you in a time of stress? In our latest podcast episode, my wife Leslie and I, Doug Davis, open up a healthy dialogue about being a positive influence on your spouse and fostering a more fulfilling marriage. Our conversation on today’s episode of the Vision-Driven Marriage Podcast isn’t about manipulation but about making it easier for them to love you.

In the first segment of our discussion, we delve into the power of effective communication and intentional acts of kindness. We share how using ‘I feel’ statements can create an atmosphere of understanding and support. Learn how to be a source of comfort and love for your spouse during times of stress and how to draw them closer during hardships, aligning our thoughts with Ephesians 4:29.

As we navigate further, we highlight the importance of mutual support and prayer in a marriage. Discover how carving out time and open communication can strengthen your bond and cultivate an environment of shared support. Finally, we tackle the power of prayer in a marriage, emphasizing there’s no ‘right’ way to pray. To help you and your spouse overcome any apprehensions about praying together, we encourage you to make use of our free prayer guide available in the show notes. So, come join us as we unpack these practical steps to improving your marriage through loving influence.

We mention:

 The Free Prayer Guide

‌Podcast Finding God in Your Pain

The Vision-Driven Marriage Podcast Episode #5, How To Increase Your Spiritual Intimacy

Ephesians 4:29 (NIV) – Do not let any unwholesome (blueletterbible.org)

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