Episode 62

Transforming Marriage Through Understanding and Overcoming Jealousy in Relationships With Shanenn Bryant

Have you ever felt the sting of jealousy in a relationship and wondered if others struggle with the same silent battle? Shanenn Bryant, a relationship confidence coach with a deeply personal tale of conquering jealousy in relationships, joins us on the Vision-Driven Marriage Podcast to shed light on this common yet often unaddressed challenge. Her raw and relatable story begins in the shadow of her father’s alcoholism, a journey that led her to realize the widespread nature of jealousy and its effects on trust within relationships.

In a heartfelt conversation, Shanenn opens up about the intricacies of building trust while navigating one’s insecurities. Her insights into transforming thoughts and behaviors illuminate the path to deeper connections beyond the reassurances of a partner. We also address the delicate balance of support and enabling within a marriage, offering listeners coping techniques and ways to create a supportive environment that does not foster dependency.

Rounding out our discussion, we explore the importance of communication and empathy in managing jealousy in relationships. Shannon generously provides resources for continued growth, including her own podcast, “Top Self,” ensuring that listeners leave equipped with tools to strengthen their marital bonds and foster trust in the face of jealousy. Join us and take a transformative step toward fortifying the foundation of your relationships.

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Shanenn mentions Box Breathing as a form of anxiety/panic relief.
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