Episode 68

Will My Relationship Last? Understanding How To Play The Long Game in Marriage

Have you ever found yourself at a Christmas celebration, only to realize that what you thought was the perfect gift led to a miscommunication and a need for forgiveness? Leslie and I found ourselves in such a pickle, which became a lesson in grace and understanding—a story we share with you, our cherished listeners. This episode of Vision Driven Marriage is not just a recount of our personal foibles; it’s a beacon for all who seek to build stronger, more resilient relationships. If you’ve ever asked yourself “will my relationship last?” this episode is for you. You will gain insight as we explore the pivotal role of commitment and the power of never entertaining the thought of divorce on the journey to marital longevity.

Creating a marriage that stands the test of time doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the small acts of compromise, the daily reaffirmations of love, and the consistent effort to see past our spouse’s imperfections that weave the fabric of a strong partnership. We delve into the transformative power of forgiveness and the importance of keeping the friendship in your marriage alive. Simple gestures, like a hug or a shared laugh, are the threads that bind our lives together. And, as Leslie and I reflect on our journey, we invite you to recognize these moments in your own marriage and see them as opportunities to reinforce your bond.

We wrap up this heartfelt episode by inviting you, our listeners, to share your own tales and questions about marriage. We know that every couple’s story is unique. Whether you’re knee-deep in diapers, navigating the teenage years, or adjusting to a quieter house, your experiences enrich the tapestry of our community. We’re eager to hear from you through our Instagram at Vision Driven Marriage. Join us in an ongoing conversation about love, life, and the pursuit of a truly Vision Driven Marriage.

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