Episode 53

The Best of The Vision-Driven Marriage 2023: Compilation Episode

Welcome, dear listeners, to a special episode of The Vision-Driven Marriage podcast!  Today, we’re diving into the heartwarming and inspiring moments that have defined our journey so far. It’s a celebration of love, growth, and the pursuit of a biblically inspired, vision-driven, intentional marriage.

Over the course of our podcasting journey, we’ve been privileged to hear from incredible couples who have embraced God’s design for marriage. Today, we’ve curated a collection of the most impactful conversations, insightful anecdotes, and practical wisdom that will reignite the spark in your own relationship.

From navigating challenges to celebrating victories, our guests have generously shared their experiences, reminding us that a vision-driven marriage is not just a destination but a continuous, intentional journey.

Whether you’re a newlywed or celebrating decades of companionship, this compilation is a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration. So, grab your favorite beverage, find a cozy spot, and join us as we relive the best moments from The Vision-Driven Marriage podcast.

The Episodes that we mention:

Episode #6: Rick & Nora Tatina

Episode #2 Heather Eardmann

Episode #19 Jim & Mindy Bradford

Episode #36 Brenna & Garrett Naufel

Episode #23 Ron & Halee Wood

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