jealousy in relationships
Episode 64

Overcoming Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy can be a silent saboteur in the strongest of marriages, yet it’s a topic many couples shy away from discussing. Join us, Doug and Leslie Davis, as we courageously tackle this subject with five steps to overcome jealousy in relationships. Together, we untangle the complex web of emotions that fuel jealousy in relationships, illuminating a path to self-awareness and open, healing dialogue. Whether you’re struggling with your own green-eyed monster or are supporting a partner through their battle, we offer a strategy for understanding and surmounting the obstacles that threaten trust and love in your relationship.

In our conversation, we lay out actionable steps to safeguard your union from the erosion of jealousy in relationships.  Discover the profound role of prayer in seeking divine intervention to confront emotional triggers and learn how gratitude, forgiveness, and contentment can become your allies against the tide of negative feelings. If the journey seems daunting, fear not; we underscore the invaluable role of professional support from counselors and coaches who can pave the way for couples to embark on this voyage of growth and reconciliation. Embark with us as we explore how to maintain a marriage where both partners feel truly valued and secure, free from the shackles of jealousy.

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