Episode 37

The Drift. What Makes Your Relationship At Risk For An Affair?


Have you ever stood on a beach and watched as the waves gradually pulled your footprints away, smearing them into nothingness? This episode of the Vision Driven Marriage Podcast is about the similar, gradual drift that can happen in marriages, slowly steering couples apart. We navigate this challenging topic, exploring how lack of communication, emotional and physical distance, and a false belief that ‘it could never happen to us’ can create a marital drift. To bring this issue to life, we refer to the heartrending journey of Garrett and Brenna (Episode #36), who fell into the snare of temptation.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to let emotional and physical gaps creep into your relationship. This episode shines a spotlight on these twin pitfalls that can unknowingly create chasms in marriages. We emphasize the critical role of communication, not just in bridging these gaps, but also in understanding and respecting each other’s needs for maintaining equilibrium in the relationship. Remember, it’s hard to meet your spouse’s needs if you don’t understand what they are – hence, the importance of heartfelt conversations.

Finally, we examine the impact of internal scripts on marital drift, bringing to light how past experiences and beliefs can cast shadows on your present. We also delve into the significant role of acknowledging our roles in relationships and how focusing on fulfilling our spouse’s needs can prevent us from drifting apart. Staying tethered to God is your safety line, your surefire way to overcome the drift. So, tune in and let’s journey towards strengthening your marriage together.

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In this episode, we mentioned:

The Vision-Driven Marriage Episode #36
Recovering from Infidelity: A Redemptive Work of the Lord with Brenna and Garrett Naufel

Brenna Naufel’s book: From Lover to Beloved, Experience God’s Hope, Healing and Forgiveness After Committing Adultery

The Quiz to determine if you are a connected couple, a drifting couple, or an at-risk couple

Bible Verses:
Proverbs 5:15-23

1 Corinthians 10:13

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