Christians crave spiritual, physical, and emotional intimacy with their spouses—but truth be told, too few ever experience it. My husband Doug and I, the team behind HeartCall, know this all too well. But God helped us overcome our circumstances, and He’s called us to help you overcome yours. We’ll help you beat the “whirlwind”—you know that fear, uncertainty, and frustration you feel in your relationship. See, we believe God intended all marriages—yes, even yours—to thrive. We’ll help you become hopeful and confident as you develop a meaningful connection with your spouse. That’s our heart.

That’s our calling, and that’s the reason we started

The Vision-Driven Marriage Podcast.


Love’s Restoration Stories Part 1

Love's Restoration Stories Part 1of 3 When Anna McLaughlin humorously tossed her suitcase in frustration, little did she know it would unpack a journey of introspection and faith in her search for God's design for marriage. And when Rick and Nancy Kay Grace realized...

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